Love INC Gift Shop: FAQ

Love INC Christmas Program Makeover

How does this program work?
Since 2013, Love INC has provided a low-cost Christmas shop for families in the area who are feeling a financial crunch, but still want to provide a good Christmas for their children.  We are conscious of not only the material needs of our neighbors, but also their spiritual and emotional needs. In the past we found by continuing to provide Christmas gift-giving without any participation from them, we force them to be on the receiving end with nothing to give in return. This experience for some families can be humiliating. Since transitioning to the Gift Shop, the ownership of Christmas gift-giving was given back to the families we serve. We are giving them an active role in the decision making of what they want to give their children for Christmas. We are bringing the dignity back. They can leave the Gift Shop knowing that they provided for their family. Families register in October and November. We ask families for a contribution of $5 per child, and we cap that at $15 per family.
For more information or to learn more about meeting the needs of those struggling, please consider reading Toxic Charity by Robert D. Lupton.
How can my church participate?
We’ve had churches participate in our Christmas program in several ways: Some have donated to Love INC, some have received children’s names and then adopted them out as a church, and others have adopted families and let the families pick up their gifts on Love INC’s distribution day. The great news is that your church can continue to participate in whichever way you choose! The Salvation Army will coordinate the efforts of any groups that wish to adopt families, or receive family names to adopt. They may also need an increase in donations due to taking on more families. Love INC will also need church groups to step up, donate to the store, and volunteer their time before and during store hours.
How will the store work?
As in the past, families will have to register ahead of time to participate. Both the Salvation Army and Love INC will present both options to families, and let them choose which option is right for them. Families who choose to shop in the store will be asked to contribute $5 per child and will be able to choose a set amount of toys per child from the store. There will also be a wrapping station where families can wrap their gifts before leaving the store.
What will Love INC do with the proceeds from the store?
We don’t anticipate the store generating more money than we spend setting up. If it does, all proceeds will go right back into the Gift Shop, purchasing wrapping paper, tape, toys, and decorations!
How can I help?
The choice is yours! If you are interested in supporting the Love INC Gift Shop Give us a call at 260-356-0933. We will be in need of donations of both toys and money. We’ll make a list of needed toys available. We will also be in need of volunteers to man the store, help wrap, and help families shop!


Will you consider helping us make Christmas great for both children and their parents?