Loving Neighbors

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Loving Neighbors Relational Ministry:

Helping people work toward stability and long-term


The mission of Loving Neighbors is to encourage community members to work towards stability rather than concentrate on their deficiencies. The goal is to partner, coach, support, and offer incentives to our neighbors working towards long term change.

In Loving Neighbors, participants are matched with a volunteer advocate who will meet with them to partner, coach, and support them with the goal of moving toward stability. Love INC believes in capitalizing on people’s ability to learn and grow, and that is what Loving Neighbors is all about.

Participants in Loving Neighbors will be encouraged to take practical steps toward long-term change. These steps may include attending a free budgeting class, applying for transitional housing, enrolling in adult education, or other strides that would be helpful for their particular situation. The end goal is to empower people to utilize their current abilities to create stability in their lives.

Interested in enrolling? Want to make a referral for someone? Questions?

Contact Love INC at 260-256-0933.


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