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Right Here, Right Now.

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Peter almost slept through it. He and the other disciples had been so overworked doing the will of their lord that he almost missed it. He had... Read More

Loving Neighbors

Friday, April 4, 2014
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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
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Right Here, Right Now.

Peter almost slept through it. He and the other disciples had been so overworked doing the will of their lord that he almost missed it. He had helped feed thousands, healed people all over the land, and most recently, walked up a mountain. He woke up, bleary eyed and tired, just in time to hear the voice of God:

"This is my Son, whom I have chosen. Listen to him."

Listen to Jesus. It's a simple command. In a world filled with loud voices it is a starting place for those who wish to live into the Kingdom of Heaven, even now. If we cut through the voices, the ideologues and politicos, can we find Jesus? Where do we start? In the midst of a divisive conversation, somebody asked Jesus what he believed to be most important. His answer? Love God, and love your neighbor. He taught that if you do these things, you've fulfilled the law. That might be the most radical thing Jesus ever said because it means you don't follow a set of ideas or structures, you only need to love people. Right here, right now.

When I pray for our community it is often centered around this notion. I pray that the Christian community can transcend political debate, move beyond hyperbolic descriptions of people we don't understand, lay down our proverbial swords, and love our neighbors. Can you imagine a community where Christians sacrificially serve their neighbors? Can you imagine a community where churches are known for their capacity to care for people in tangible ways? Can you imagine a community where nobody feels marginalized, pushed aside, or forgotten? That's what I pray for. But I also recognize that it starts with me. I must learn to love my neighbor.

It's this call from Jesus that is at the heart of our work at Love INC. We exist to help Christian churches unite behind Jesus, to love God and to love their neighbor. This season, will you join us in praying for Christian unity and love? Even more, will you join us in working toward this through your time, treasure, and talents? Will you help us fully realize Jesus' command that we love God and love our neighbors? I hope you will!

Joey Spiegel
Executive Director

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