Love INC Gift Shop: Donor Letter

Imagine being a parent on Christmas Day and needing to ask for assistance to provide Christmas gifts for your children. Imagine how you would feel if you had to watch another family drop-off your children’s Christmas gifts on Christmas Day.

Love INC heard from some parents this process made them feel humiliated, undigified, powerless. Love INC feels that no parent should feel those feelings. With the wish of empowering parents on Christmas, Love INC provides Love INC Gift Shop!

Love INC Gift Shop will be located at St. Peter's First Community Church in Huntington, IN and will be operational December 14th and 15th. For a contribution of $5.00 per child (capped at $15.00), parents will have the opportunity to handpick approximately five toys (depending on donations) from Love INC Gift Shop. Parents may wrap the gifts at the gift shop or wrap at home. Most importantly, parents will place the toys that they picked out specifically for their children and wrapped under their Christmas trees on Christmas Eve.

In order to provide this opportunity for parents, Love INC needs YOUR help. Love INC aims to serve 150 families this Christmas (that’s over 300 children!).  Love INC is accepting toy and cash donations in our pursuit of our 1,500 gift goal.

We are asking that you donate to the Love INC Gift Shop. Your donation will contribute to the empowerment and implantation of hope in those who need it the most this season. The toys requested for donation can be located at We ask that you deliver all toys to Love INC, located at 715 Byron Street, Huntington, Indiana. Toys can be delivered between 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday, or Fridays. All cash donations can be delivered to Love INC, made online at, or collected by a Love INC associate through appointment by calling Erin Didion at 260-356-0933.

We are reaching out to the Huntington community this season with hopes that you all will help us give those in need a hand up. We are putting Christmas back in parents’ hands.

Will you support us as we push to empower parents this Christmas?